Auditing Company.

Auditing for international companies.

One client ran a construction business with its head office in Germany and subsidiaries in Denmark, England, Spain and Austria. It had recently been trying to gain a foothold in China. The consolidated financial statements for the enterprise had to be audited in accordance with German commercial law principles. Some of the foreign subsidiaries also had to be audited in accordance with the standards applicable in their home countries. Because its financing situation was tempoarily under pressure, the company was rated as a risky client by its previous independent auditing company. As a result, the last audit took a long time and the fees exceeded the planned framework.

We helped our client to prepare forecasts to put a facility agreement in place with sufficient lines of financing. The next year, the client appointed us as independent auditor for its enterprise. After this the different foreign auditors of the subsidiaries were successively replaced by competent local auditing teams from MOORE STEPHENS member firms abroad. Our recently established German Desk in China also successfully helped the company to set up a permanent establishment and then form a company in China.

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